You Are Beautiful!

bodytype beautyWe are tired of labels! Not labels for fancy designer clothes that we love to wear, but labels that cast us into a category based on our body shape! Are you an apple? Are you a pear? Perhaps you are athletic or hour glass? Regardless of where you live on this planet, you have been exposed to these terms as they relate to your body shape. I challenge these terms, right here as I write this blog. These terms are not flattering or positive in any way. Does the term “apple” reflect the fact that you have long lean arms and legs? No it reflects a round red blob…that is not me. Does the term pear reflect the fact that you waist to hip ratio is ideal for optimal health? No, it reflects you have a larger than expected bum! Even the term athletic leaves much to be desired. Does this mean I’m shaped like a weight lifter? Does it reflect at all the fact that I work out religiously and look like Bo Derek in my bikini? NO! Then we have the last and perhaps the most desirable of all body shape labels…hourglass. Does anyone realize that all this reminds us of is the fact that time is running out. Watch out hourglass figures, your shape won’t last forever.

Well we are changing the way we label ourselves. What if we decided to label our bodies based on beautiful architecture? A beautiful painting? A piece of art that amazing thought goes into in order to reflect beauty and grace. Perhaps there is no better “object” to objectify our bodies than a beautiful perfume bottle. Let’s think about this. Maybe I’m not an apple, I think I am CHANCE by Chanel. A perfectly round bottle that sits on my dresser with clearly defined shape and clarity. I will never call myself APPLE again, that will remain a picture on the back of my iPhone only! All you pears out there…the fruit that only comes alive in the fall…NO NO NO! You are Jadore, the beautiful shape and scent of the amazing Charlize Theron…alive through the wee hours of the night!! Athletic ladies? How about CK by Calvin Klein? Beautiful, strong, timeless-that is you! Now, for you hourglass figures that are obviously running out of time. We save the most interesting bottle to capture your essence. Jean Paul Gaultier. This uniquely shaped bottle is so beautiful and feminine, time could not touch it!

So when we read the latest literature about how our genetics and lifestyle put us into a body shape category that generalizes about our future health…we say NO!! That is not what’s happening to me! I am a beautiful statuesque and I TAKE MY SUPPLEMENTS!!! Bye Felecia