Why is a detox important?

We tend to abuse our body in the normal course of life. We subject it to unhealthy junk food and drinks that put a lot of stress on the internal organs. On top of it sedentary lifestyle coupled with lack of exercise and a hectic daily life creates physiological mayhem manifested as physical and mental problems.

It is vital that we provide our body some respite and much needed rest which is where the importance of detox lies. The detoxification process works by shifting the focus from metabolizing unhealthy foods towards cellular regeneration and internal cleansing of the body.

The importance of detox routine is that it serves to promote the intake of foods and drinks that are either useful in flushing out toxins or are the building blocks of the body cells. So instead of straining to breakdown excessive sugars fats and pollutants the body shifts into a resting mode by completely shunning such foods and drinks. Antioxidants which have been found to be the key to protection from harmful free radicals freely circulating in the body are especially incorporated in detox diets.

While our diet is in our hands,  the pollution in our environment is NOT! Apart from environmental pollution we also ingest toxins through pesticide laden foods and drinks laced with extremely harmful metallic compounds. Whereas we cannot do much about environmental pollution, we can strive to consume organically produced foods. However, even this is not enough to heal the body sufficiently. The importance of detox lies in the fact that it can do away with the toxins accumulated within the body that is beyond the reach of normal cleansing processes.

Detox diets may conjure up images of bland and tasteless diets or extreme starvation. However, you need not resort to any of these. It is true that there are certain detox diets that tend to be very restrictive.  However a basic understanding of the importance of detox would reveal that removal of all those foods and other components that stress the body is its primary aim. So by merely following a basic and simple diet plan you can help your body cleanse itself so that it is restored to its former health.