What the Heck is wrong with my NECK?

Most of us that invest in anti-aging products and procedures for our face probably haven’t looked at our neck in quite a while. A guaranteed age give-away is the appearance of the neck and décolletage area. When you compare the skin on the face to the neck and décolletage you will see quickly this skin is very different than the skin on the face. Because of this, the anti-aging products we use on our face are not always the best choice for our neck and chest area.

Here is a little science about why these areas are different. The skin thickness differs between the face and neck. The skin on the neck is thinner and has less sweat, oil glands and hair follicles. These skin appendages, so to speak, serve to protect our skin and help heal the skin after damage, particularly from the sun. With that being said, you can imagine the skin on the face will heal much quicker than the skin on the neck and chest. So when we choose our products, we need more nurturing products with lower concentrations of retinoids and acids for our neck and body.

We are focused on the neck at ReNew. We offer 2 amazing neck creams at ReNew. Just like all the products we carry, they are backed by solid research that shows they can lift, tighten and sculpt. They can smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of “crepey skin” . Best of all, they are designed exclusively for the neck! Both are very well tolerated and provide anti-oxidant protection. We are offering them 10% off this month for you to give them a try.

We are also offering Ultherapy for the neck and we are throwing in a FREE Pelleve treatment package for the neck. This is a $1500 savings and will have your neck looking amazing for the summer. The Ultherapy is the only FDA approved non-surgical treatment to LIFT the neck! The Pelleve package will serve to help smooth and firm the skin in the neck area.

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