What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? When answering this question it is important to know what your goal is on focusing on a healthy eating plan.healthy eating, dieting, slimming and weigh loss concept - close up of diet plan paper green apple, : healthy eating, dieting, slimming and weigh loss concept - close up of diet plan paper green apple, measuring tape and salad

• Are you wanting to gain energy?
• Are you wanting to decrease inflammation?
• Are you wanting to lose weight?
• Are you wanting to increase lean muscle?
• Are you wanting to decrease abdominal fat?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of the latest and greatest in diet and exercise fads. Some come and go and some stick around because they offer solutions to some of the above questions. When asking patients what their goals are when creating a nutrition plan, most patients say they want to lose weight. However, we really like to understand WHY a patient has gained weight? It is a common misconception that weight gain is caused by chronic overeating or a lack of will power. Although these behaviors CAN account for weight gain, more often there are complex metabolic issues at play that make losing weight very difficult.

At ReNew…we want to understand WHY? We look at an extensive lab panel that helps us understand what is going on with YOU and what is making your weight less than optimal for your health and well- being. Sometimes it is hormones, sometimes it is stress and sometimes it is simply understanding what foods work to increase your metabolism and what foods do not.

As you can imagine, it should never be a one size fit all meal plan for any of us. Our genetic profile as well as our environment make me different than you different from her.

If you are interested in learning more about YOU and how you could be your ideal weight, call us for a consultation. 903-255-6398