The Evolution of ReNew Medical Spa

Those of you who have followed ReNew since the days of 1 room, 2 educationdays a week and 2 employees, know the mission of ReNew has not changed. We are focused on helping our patients look and feel their very best. We realized early in our evolution, that merely helping a patient look good, does not necessarily improve their overall well-being. Being aware of this enabled us to keep our focus, but required us to further our education in methods to help a patient FEEL BETTER. Feeling better physically, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically are all required to have a sense of well-being. Thus, we added Wellness and Functional Medicine Services to our practice. By incorporating Labs, Lifestyle coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Supplements into our services, we were able to help our patients FEEL Better!! This has been rewarding beyond our wildest dreams.
Medicine and patients have changed a lot since the inception of ReNew in 2008. Traditional medicine has remained focused on procedures that are reimbursed by insurance companies and patients have become very frustrated with this. Patients have also become strong consumers in healthcare and have started to demand a level of care that holds healthcare professionals to a higher standard. In both our Wellness practice and Aesthetic practice, ReNew has raised our standards with you in mind. We believe to meet your expectations we must educate ourselves continually. We are committed to doing this.
We are committed to bringing you services and procedures that enhance your life and health. We will not let you down!! Our commitment is to YOU!! That will not change…We will continue in our evolution.
ReNew…Look and Feel your very best from the inside out!!