Inflammation and MPO

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is an enzyme stored in immune system cells known as neutrophils and macrophages.  MPO is released into your bloodstream in the setting of an inflammatory process. This fact that MPO is involved in the inflammatory process has led to the study of MPO as a useful clinical tool to evaluate patients for heart disease.  

When plaque builds up in the vessels around the heart, an increase in MPO can cause that plaque to become unstable.  Ruptured plaque is a common source of heart attacks and strokes.  MPO also reduces the healthy availability of Nitrous Oxide.  

MPO also accelerates the conversion of small proteins that protect the heart into those that can be harmful to it.  

In functional medicine we regularly perform laboratory testing beyond that which is permitted by health insurance policies or even approved by traditional health care providers.  This kind of testing is so important to identifying silent markers of current or future heart disease.

We also test other markers for inflammation such as C-Reactive Protein (CRP).  CRP is a marker of general inflammation.  Meaning, simply having an elevated CRP is only part of the picture of chronic inflammation.  Markers like MPO and CRP provide insight to what is happening, but in functional medicine we find the root cause, the why that inflammation is happening.  

A range of lifestyle and other factors can contribute to inflammation including nutrition, stress management, toxic exposures, sleep patterns and food sensitivities.  When you join Renew as one of our functional medicine patients, you will receive comprehensive lab testing giving us the most complete picture of your health inside and out.

Call us today to join our Renew Health Community and get on the path to the healthiest you for 2020.  In the meantime, we have a range of inflammation supplementation to assist you in reducing or eliminating chronic inflammation.



For a good summary of the operation of your immune system, check out this video designed to aid students in healthcare academic programs who are preparing for their class exams on the topic.