The Health Benefits of Green Tea

A solid nutritional approach is always the best way to strengthen your immune system.  Traditional medicine has no pill, procedure or surgery which boosts the immune system.  However, green tea has been widely studied and shown to work as an antiviral response to viruses including the flu.

More than one study has noted that anecdotal evidence of the benefits of green tea as an antiviral dates back thousands of years.  One of the first references in the scientific literature regarding the study of green tea dates from 1906.  That reference in a military scientific journal actually advised soldiers to include green tea in their water supply to protect them against things like typhoid fever.  Despite this early evidence, green tea was not studied more fully until the 1980s.  These studies observed the effect of green tea and its key ingredients when exposed to various viruses and bacteria in test tubes in the laboratory.  

Additional studies of healthcare workers have shown that if they consume one to two cups of green tea per day while working, they are three times less likely to contract flu symptoms. An even greater benefit was seen in residents of nursing homes who enjoyed a seven to eight times less likelihood of contracting the flu when they consumed green tea regularly.  


But, How Does It Work?

Green tea works by boosting your immune system.  It does this by increasing the production and distribution of immune cells that are the first line of defense when your body is exposed to a virus.  Studies have shown that subjects that drank five or more cups of green tea per day had an increase in their infection fighting cells by more than 10 times.

Green tea also includes a component known as catechins.  Catechins have been studied and shown to be beneficial to heart health in patients with or without existing heart disease.  However, trying to consume more than 5 cups of green tea a day to get those benefits can be a hefty caffeine intake as well as a lot of tea to drink regularly.


How to get your green tea boost

Here is where supplements come into play.  We have supplements in our shop which can provide you all the benefits of green tea (cups 3-5 during the day if you only want to drink two) without the caffeine or brewing 3 more cups throughout the day.

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So, the next time you reach for something to drink, coffee, a soda or some other beverage, consider replacing it with green tea and enjoy that drink while powering up your immune system and add supplements to really give your heart some love.