COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus and YOU

What can you do?

News regarding COVID-19 has taken our country and the world by storm. Watching the news makes it difficult for any of us to decide whether we should remain calm or panic. For certain, panic is not the answer. Panic is a sudden, uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior. Panic and unthinking behavior will not improve your health, your sense of well-being or your 401K. However by educating yourself about your immune system and following the recommendations of our government, you can become empowered to handle this pandemic without putting your health at risk. At ReNew, we would like to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you to maintain your health. Check out our recommendations for keeping it together and coming out of this feeling happy and healthy.


Here are recommendations from our President
1. If you feel sick, stay home.
2. If someone in your home tested positive for COVID-19, keep your entire household at home.
3. If you are an older adult, stay home.
4. If you are a person with underlying health conditions that put you at risk, stay home and stay away from others.

However, at ReNew, we want to give you MORE! We want to give you some ideas to be proactive and boost your immune system and keep you healthy. We recommend the following:
1. Turn up your Vitamin D. One study showed supplementation of Vitamin D was as effective as the flu vaccine for preventing and minimizing cold and flu symptoms. Vitamin D boosts your mood and hormones which can't hurt when you are stuck at home.
2. Add Vitamin C. When vitamin C enters the body, it stimulates the immune system by enhancing the strength and protective qualities of cells and organisms. It is considered the ultimate nutrient for the immune system. Vitamin C contributes to Beautiful Skin!! You could come out of the pandemic looking better than ever.
3. More Zinc. Zinc has been proven to reduce the duration of cold-related symptoms and also to boost the strength of the immune system. This means that not only will it help you kick a cold faster, but it can prevent you from ever developing a cold in the first place. SPECIAL ZINC BONUS...This supplement can improve acne!
4. Practice Mindfulness, Relaxation and Gratitude. There is no doubt during stressful times our body responds with inflammation. Engaging the positive side of your brain during periods of negativity can help you manage your stress, decrease inflammation and support your immune system. SPECIAL might lose weight by incorporating these principles.


We at ReNew, much like the rest of the country, are taking things day by day. If you are confined to the house, we can deliver your supplements and skincare, prepare them for you to pick up or mail them to you. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to our social media posts for opportunities for you to take control of your immunity and shorten your recovery this cold and flu season.
You could even find some savings!!!