Are your bathroom habits an indicator of your overall health?

I find myself far too often asking my patients about their bowel habits.  Why is this so important?  Just as we must eat and drink proper nutrients and avoid toxins, our bodies must be able to eliminate and detoxify efficiently.

Let’s talk about poop.  In an ideal world, we would eat a meal then eliminate the meal.  In other words…eat…poop, eat…poop and so on.  So pooping three times a day is a wonderful goal!  However, because most of our diets are less than optimal constipation and diarrhea can often prevent us from healthy bowel habits.  In an ideal world, our poop would be the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  If you are having hard or soft stool, there is a reason.  Several factors go into determining our pooping schedule and our poop consistency.   Adequate hydration, fiber consumption, and nutrient consumption are all factors related to lifestyle that you can modify without medication in order to improve you bowel habits.  Striving for a clean, organic diet, free of processed foods has been shown to improve overall GI health as well as bowel health.

See below the cartoon that elaborates on POOP.  The next time you poop, evaluate and treat!!  For more information on ways to address your health from a lifestyle perspective call ReNew.

Textures of Poop